Information for speakers

Presentations can be held in German language or in English language (conference language). For further information please contact the division in which you have submitted the lecture or the poster.

Usually, presentations will have the following durations. For exact information, please refer to your division.

  • Contributed talks are 15 minutes including discussion and speaker change (12 min talk + 3 min discussion/speaker change)
  • Invited talks are 30 minutes including discussion and speaker change (25 min talk + 5 min discussion/speaker change)
  • Plenary presentations are 45 minutes without discussion

Speakers are requested to provide their presentations electronically.

PCs/laptops will be available in all lecture halls. Therefore, the presentation should be recorded onto an USB stick as back-up in PDF and power point format. Of course, you can also use your own laptop – please consider to bring your own adapter if required.

All lecture rooms are equipped with projectors ("beamers"). The projectors mainly display in the 4:3 format. However they are compatible with the 16:9, limited to the display width. Some newer systems also work directly with 16:9. A majority of lecture halls offers radio microphone amplifiers as well. OHPs are not available.

All lecture rooms will be opened, at the latest, 30 minutes prior to the lecture. Speakers are requested to be in the lecture room at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the session, to report to the chairperson of the session as well as the technical staff to receive a brief introduction to the equipment in the lecture room.