Information for poster presenters

Sites for poster sessions are named and located as follows at the University of Regensburg:

Poster 1 Sammelgebäude (Multi-purpose Building)
Poster 2 Physik (Physics)
Poster 3 Exhibition tent in front of the Physics Building
Poster 4 Chemie (Chemistry and Pharmacy)

Each poster should be no larger than 85 cm x 120 cm (A0 portrait format).

Printing Service “Copy & Paper” offers you the possibility to print your poster on site. It is not possible to print posters in DIN A0 format directly at the shop - the printing service needs one day in advance!

The poster boards will be marked with the number according to the scientific programme. As there will be several different poster sessions at the poster sites every day, presenters are asked to mount their poster max. 2-3 hours before their session. Each poster should display the number according to the scientific program.

For the mounting of the poster please use the prepared adhesive tape at the poster frame. Please make sure to use only adhesive tape for mounting the poster (residue-free removing).

Presenters are requested to be available at their poster for at least half of the length of their poster session. Please provide the information when you will be available.

The posters have to be removed after the session. Any posters remaining on display walls will be removed and disposed without requesting your permission.

The conference management accepts  no liability for the posters.